Is your pool equipment not working correctly?

Is it time to repair or renovate your pool?

With more than 150 years of collective experience, Progressive Commercial Aquatics, Inc. is a full service swimming pool design, construction, renovation, repair and service company located in Houston and Austin, Texas.

Recreational aquatic needs have dramatically changed over the past 15 to 20 years. Today’s pool facility must provide a full range of attractions and activities that can compete with commercial waterparks and countless other entertainment options. Properly designed facilities should exceed your guest’s expectations while engaging the entire family in one aquatic venue.

If you are looking for qualified experts to renovate your pool or repair facility equipment, look no further. No repair or renovation job is too small or too large. Our skilled technicians and construction crews are capable of repairing or replacing all structural, plumbing, decking, filter and pump equipment. We also offer pool resurfacing, repairs of broken or damaged tiles, coping stones and installation of deck equipment such as diving boards, starting blocks, slides, ADA lifts, ladders, guard stands and much more.

We can also provide your community with any level of design assistance; from providing consulting assistance to your local architect or engineer, to providing a fully engineered stamped design package completed and ready for final cost negotiations. Our experienced professionals will help guide you through all phases of development from planning to opening day.

Call us today and get the service you and your pool deserve.

We Specialize in Providing These Professional Services:

  • Pool Remodeling & Renovation
  • Deck Refinishing or Replacement
  • Structural Gunite Repair
  • Commercial Pool Service
  • Coping Removal, Repair or Replacement
  • Tile Removal, Repair or Replacement
  • Resurfacing-Plaster and Pebble Pool Finishes
  • Acid Washing
  • Cleaning/Re-grouting Tiled Pools
  • UV Pool Water Purification Systems
  • Automatic Chlorine Feeders & Chemical Controller Equipment
  • VGBA Main Drain Installations
  • Plumbing & Filtration System
  • ADA Compliance Equipment (handicap lifts, ramps, etc.)
  • Pump & Motor Repair & Installation
  • Demolition and Removal
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Re-plumbing of Equipment
  • Installation of Ladders, Exercise Bars, etc.
  • Installation of Automatic Water Controls
  • Filter Systems Maintenance
  • Heaters Repair & Installation
  • Underground Plumbing Repair
  • Anti-Entrapment (SVRS) Equipment
  • Pressure Washing
  • Leak Survey & Pool Line Pressure Test
  • Racing Lanes
  • Diving Platforms
  • Water Slides
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners
  • Splash Pads & Water Features

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