Progressive Commercial Aquatics is proud to introduce the Paddock Evacuator, a system specifically designed to minimize levels of airborne chloramines improving air quality in natatoriums. This is a Green System and will lend itself well for LEED accreditation as it will reduce power consumption, provide improved air quality, and heat recovery from air pulled off the pool water surface. In addition it will reduce dehumidification load of the HVAC system by evacuating high humidity air from around surface of pool where humidity originates and reduce operating costs significantly because your HVAC system will run more efficiently.


  • Improved air quality for lifeguards and other employees and patrons
  • Increased oxygen levels available to swimmers
  • Reduced chloramine-associated deterioration of HVAC systems
  • Reduced chloramine-associated deterioration of pool deck equipment
  • Reduced humidity load on HVAC system
  • Reduced energy requirements due to reduced tonnage demand

  • Paddock Evacuator Images

    Paddock Evacuator Images

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