Eco-Flow – C Variable Frequency Drive

The key to increased pump efficiency and lower energy costs is to run the pool pump at its lowest possible speed, yet achieve the required turnover per day – no more, no less!

Because pumps are often incorrectly sized, it is not unusual to see a pool being turned over many more times per day than necessary; every additional gallon pumped uses unnecessary energy. Centrifugal pumps use far less power when they run slower. The decrease in power is due to the Affinity Laws, and the results are staggering. For example, if the speed of the pool pump is reduced by just 20%, the energy consumed is reduced to almost 50%.

If a commercial pool is being turned over 6 times per day and local codes require just 4 times per day, the flow rate could be reduced by 33%. Doing this with a control valve will reduce the energy by approximately 20%, whereas a VFD will reduce the energy by a staggering 71%.

Slowing the pump down to achieve the required turnover rate will dramatically reduce the consumed energy, keep the filtration system working at its optimum performance, extend equipment life, and reduce chemical usage.

Progressive Commercial Aquatics is pleased to offer the Eco-Flow – C Variable Frequency Drive, from H2flow. In addition to the huge energy saving potential offered by Eco-Flow – C, it also features an extremely rugged and durable construction, not available from competing products. This heavy-duty construction makes Eco-Flow – C ideal for the unforgiving environments commonly found in commercial swimming pool environments.

With more than 80 years of combined knowledge in monitoring and controlling pumps, H2flow is the only manufacturer in the pool industry that is totally dedicated to Variable Speed technology.

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